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big-oly-bronco-01Big Oly and Parnelli Jones

The early Bronco was certainly no stranger to the rigors and excitement of off road desert racing in the 60’s and 70’s. And one of the most famous race trucks (Bronco or otherwise) to come from that era was “Big Oly”. An Indy racing legend already, Parnelli Jones worked with Bill Stroppe and Dick Russell to create the purpose built desert racer. Nick named “Big Oly” because of it’s Olympia Beer sponsorship, it’s immediately recognizable by the huge aluminum wing and distinct gold and white paint job. This famous Bronco still makes the show circuit and attracts a crowd every time it’s showed. Read the rest of this entry »

Below you’ll find production numbers for early Broncos from 1966-1977, including break downs by body style. Numbers courtesy of Jeff’s Bronco Graveyard and

As you can see the vast majority of the Broncos ordered were the standard Wagon body type. The Halfcab  production was very limited in it’s 6 year run, finally ending in 1971.  Only 10-15% of total production were Halfcabs typically. The Roadster (U13) was the most rare with it’s very short 3 year production of 5,000 units. Read the rest of this entry »