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The early Bronco enjoyed an unusually long 11 year run. While other models were changing body styles every few years, the Bronco remained a reliable, steady performer from 1966 to 1977. The first Bronco was created to compete in the then very limited market of the sport utility vehicle. It’s only US competition was the Scout and Jeep and the early Bronco soon gained it’s own reputation and following. It’s appeal is even stronger today, more than 40 years later. The early Bronco continues to gain in popularity even as it’s numbers decline.

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Why is the early Bronco still so popular today?

Maybe it’s the appeal of a simple, no nonsense vehicle. Early Broncos are easy to work on and easy to drive. Maybe it’s new owners remenicing about the Bronco they remember working on their Grandpa’s farm or taking them fishing. Maybe it’s how easy early Broncos are to customize and make unique. Seldom will you see two Broncos exactly alike. Their owners always seem to find a way to modify them in some way to make them their own. Maybe it’s their great reputation as offroad vehicles. In stock form the early Bronco is impressive on the trail and with the huge selection of aftermarket upgrades the early Bronco can be built to handle any trail you can point it to. Maybe it’s the supportive community of fellow Bronco owners. The Bronco Brotherhood is strong and communities like ClassicBroncos.com are full of enthusiasts and friends ready to help out with advice and encouragement. Whatever the reason, the early Bronco is a timeless classic 4×4 that turns heads wherever it goes and is a blast to drive!