Early Bronco Power Steering

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Power steering is certainly high on the list of desirable options for early Broncos. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a hard core rock crawler or mild daily driver, power steering makes driving your Bronco so much nicer.

Factory Power Steering – Ford originally offered power steering on Broncos in 1973. Unlike Mustangs and other Ford cars of the era, there are no rams or valves to worry about. The hydraulic assist is all contained in the steering box. This typically makes for an easy conversion, especially if using a factory original Bronco system. It’s just bolt in. The problem with the factory setup is finding the box and pump brakets at a decent price. Once you have the box it’s not very expensive to have it rebuilt and even upgraded to a tighter turning ratio.[ad name=”Adsense 300×250 in articles right”]

F150 Power Steering – If finding a stock Bronco PS box proves too difficult or expensive a popular alternative is the F150 swap. Basically you need to find a power steering box from a 1976-79 F100 or F150 4×4 truck, then swap some of the internal components with a 4×2 F150 box. In addition the F150 box mounts to the outside of the Bronco frame, which is opposite of how the factory Bronco box bolts up. A few mounting holes also need to be redrilled to mount the F150 box to an early Bronco frame. If that’s a concern there are after market adaptor plates you can purchase to eliminate any drilling.