Ford Bronco SportThe most common trim package you’ll see on an early Bronco is the Sport. It was offered starting in 1967 so had a longer run then the other trim packages like the Bronco Ranger and Bronco Explorer. Think of the Sport as the base package that other trim packages used to add on to.  The true “base” of course was no trim package at all, but the Sport was the most common.
The Sport was an aesthetic package and had nothing to do with performance. It consisted of a lot of “bright” parts, which is what Ford literature used to describe chrome.

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  • The interior consisted of vinyl door trim panels with chrome molding, a hard board headliner (assuming you didn’t get a Roadster), cigar lighter, front floor mats with chrome retainers, matching rear mat if you ordered a rear seat, chrome horn ring and steering wheel with wood tone horn pad.
  • The exterior featured chrome trim around the windshield and window frames as well as the drip rail moldings. More chrome came on the grille trim surround, FORD letters and headlight bezels. Same with all the exterior light trim (chrome tail lights, side marker lights and rear reflectors) The tailgate handle was also chrome along with the side body molding, both bumpers, matching bumper guards and wheel covers. And to let everyone know that it was a Sport you got a cool “Bronco” script fender emblem showing a bucking horse and “SPORT” lettering.

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3 Responses to “What’s a Bronco Sport?”

  1. rod Says:

    I thought that the sport was a special treatment then it became a standard type after the first few years it was offered.?

  2. admin Says:

    No, the Sport was always an optional package. You’ll see plenty of Broncos without the chrome trim found on the Sport.

  3. Steffen Says:


    does anybody know if or where you can purchase the Chrome Windows Trim Set for the Bronco Sport?

    Thanks for your help


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