Ford Bronco Half Cab for sale

Halfcab Broncos for saleThe early Bronco half cab was one of three body styles initially available for the Ford Bronco. Also called a Short Roof Pickup in Ford brochures, the Half cab Broncos had a removable metal top that covered only the front two seats. The rear was a short pickup bed with a metal bulk-head separating the two areas. The factory spare tire was mounted to this bulkhead.

The Half cab was designed to give the average farmer or rancher a utilitarian vehicle. It gave a fully enclosed, lockable cab to protect from the weather, but also provided a cargo bed in the rear. Although not nearly as large as a standard pickup bed, the Half cab was intended to fill the gap between a full size work vehicle and a car. Plus, because the smaller metal top weighed significantly less than a full wagon, the owner could easily lift it off with one other person and have a fun, open air 4×4. Ford discontinued the Half cab after 1972.

Ford Bronco Half cabs for sale

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Ford Bronco Half cab Parts for sale

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