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big-oly-bronco-01Big Oly and Parnelli Jones

The early Bronco was certainly no stranger to the rigors and excitement of off road desert racing in the 60's and 70's. And one of the most famous race trucks (Bronco or otherwise) to come from that era was "Big Oly". An Indy racing legend already, Parnelli Jones worked with Bill Stroppe and Dick Russell to create the purpose built desert racer. Nick named "Big Oly" because of it's Olympia Beer sponsorship, it's immediately recognizable by the huge aluminum wing and distinct gold and white paint job. This famous Bronco still makes the show circuit and attracts a crowd every time it's showed. Read the rest of this entry »

1967 Ford Bronco Literature

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1966 Ford Bronco Literature

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What's a Bronco worth?

Trying to determine the value of an early Bronco can be tricky. It's not like other classic cars. With an old Mustang or Corvette you can look up the estimated average value on any number of published Price Guides. You determine what condition the car fits into on the chart, then add or subtract a percentage for variables like engine size and options.

Unfortunately Broncos don't fit into this pricing model because most of the time their value is dependent on aftermarket upgrades and modifications. Certainly there are Broncos out there that are fully restored and their value comes from how close they are to original condition as they rolled off the assembly line. An uncut 1966 Roadster or Baja Stroppe would be two good examples of this.  But more often then not the value of a Bronco lies in how well it's been built up for the trail or street. The Bronco is unique because unlike other collector cars, a highly modified Bronco will usually outsell it's factory original counterpart. Read the rest of this entry »