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The Roadster convertible was the shortest lived and least produced of the three body types. In 1966 it made up about 20% of total production at 4,090 units, but then numbers dropped off significantly over the next two years before it was dropped all together. But it was a great marketing idea and cost very little for Ford to offer. The Roadster was simply a wagon without a top or doors. In place of the operable doors were fiberglass inserts to fill in the square door openings and give a more fluid and consistent look to the body lines. Without doors to mount them, Ford designers came up with a special fender mounted mirror. The mirror body was round and held away form the fender by an arm with a 3 screw attachment. A special hood catch allowed the windshield to be laid forward over the hood for true "bugs in your teeth" cruising.

The Roasters can be identified by the U13 in their VIN and have become highly collectible today because of their low production numbers. With a total of 5,000 built they're more rare then other "special editions" that Ford put out in the 60's.

Early Bronco Roadsters for sale

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