Ford Broncos for sale

bronco-explorer-emblemThe Bronco Explorer trim package was first offered in 1972, the same year as the Ranger package. Like the Sport and Ranger, the Explorer was an appearance package only and didn't involve any mechanical upgrades or performance parts. The Explorer was available in two color schemes; Blue Metallic and Copper Metallic.

In addition to the special exterior paint, the Explorer package included side body striping, hood striping and a spare tire carrier with vinyl EXPLORER tire cover. Matching interior appointments including door panels, vinyl seats with cloth inserts and floor mats.

If you're shopping for an Explorer for sale it can be hard to verify. Because it was only a trim package, there's no code on the door data sticker or character in the VIN that identifies it as an Explorer. And given the age of these old Broncos it's very possible that an original Explorer had some of it's trim parts stripped by a previous owner. Likewise, an original plane-Jane Bronco wagon could have easily been outfitted with the Explorer pieces by someone in it's long life.

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